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The name “Denim” finds its origin from French word “Serge De Nimes”, meaning “Serge from Nimes”. Denim is a sturdy cotton made textile in which the thread passes under two or more warp wefts.

It is often defined as “Jeans”, which denotes a different, lighter and a cotton fabric. In old times, denim was primarily the cloth for western laborers because of its durability and robustness.

Now a days, denim is the fashion, or we can easily say that style and denims are complete synonyms of each other. Their are a wide variety of denims available in market these days, present in various colors and styles.

Relish Watches have presented a new style of how you wear and sport your denims, with the latest Denim Series Watches by Relish Watches, which are known for their style, trendiness and state of the art quality.

The Denim Series by Relish Watches are designed do be sturdy and for daily and exclusive wear. The design are simple, effective yet elegant to adorn for. The Denim Collection by Relish Watches comes in various colors that adorns your personality in almost every type of clothing and on every occasion, be it a family function, office party, that dinner party with someone special or even in daily use.

Relish watches have attained the name and standard in the peer market primarily due to the varied range of our products, made with high quality raw material, excellent design quality and under the budget of everyone.

The Denim Collection is one of the masterpiece, taken from the collection of our gems, and yet a star in the segment. It is like a feather in the cap of the god.

Finally, said so, their is no experience without having it ourselves. Try the most robust watch in the collection and let it raise your status quotient in your social circle. Have a rich and varied experience with the Denim Collection by Relish Watches.


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